Monday, May 9, 2011

Oh, dear. Maybe I shouldn't take quizzes late at night. Here's my certificate of non-achievement for a quiz I took on, of all things, research:

It's from an interactive powerpoint module that's aimed at college students and others who have to do research. The interesting thing is the modules are interactive - no "death by powerpoint" here. The stellar results you see above are part of a pre-quiz. Presumably after I complete the modules I'll have a chance to redeem myself and regain my reputation.

I haven't used pre-quizzes much (I know! I know!) partly because they weren't common when I was in school, but having taken a few really brings home to me how useful they are. Some people have to learn through experience, I guess.

Well, here's the test:

I think one thing I learned is to not do these things when I'm tired. But I couldn't resist. That's the nature of the internet, too - keep clicking.

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