Monday, November 7, 2011

DIY #1: Change the World

There used to be a bookstore in Philadelphia called the How To Do It Bookstore, and it was one of my favorite places in the whole world. Shelves and shelves of everything a do-it-yourselfer could dream of: knitting, cooking, fixing the car, mountain climbing, brewing beer, remodeling the house, painting faux finishes on furniture (I bought that one), you name it. Not so much of a need for it anymore, I suppose, now that we have the web and personal video and editing is accessible to anyone with a cellphone camera and a data connection. (Although I think books do have their place, especially if you're out in a freezing henhouse trying to help that egg-bound chicken - not the place for the laptop, really.)

We're working on instructional videos now in my Visual Design and Communication course. I love this project, because I'm a big fan of DIY. So for inspiration I'm posting this video by Montreal animator JC Little with simple instructions on how to change the world.

It's got everything I like - clear sound and clean design, and best of all clear instructions. We should all be able to change the world right after viewing this. Let's get started!

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