Monday, April 11, 2011

Avaunt! It's the Chalkboard Pirate!

Welcome aboard my pirate blog, in which I'll sail the high-tech seas in search of booty to bring back to my classroom.  As a guide I'll have Amy Ackerman and my shipmates in the Instructional Technology course.  I'm hoping to supercharge my teaching, transform it through technology, conquer the techno-seas, or at least stop being quite so boring. 

We cast off last Tuesday learning WIMBA live classroom and creating our own avatar using Voki.  Next order of business is this blog, a profile, and a contract.
I'm also mulling over ways IT can help me maximize classroom time by allowing me to shift some face-time tasks like checking homework and providing notes onto the web.


  1. I hope you meet your goal with your MAITs haha. I still think a wiki would work fine, though you are going to see some tools in this course like edmoto that you will like too. So glad you are aboard, I think you will get a a lot out of it!

  2. Thanks, Michelle. Or should I say, MAITy!


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